Our Story

During the Spring of 1985, we were on a family vacation to celebrate our daughter’s second birthday. Our precious toddler ate some nuts and went into anaphalactic shock. She came close to dying a day after her birthday.  After this traumatic experience, I had to BE CERTAIN that she never ate nuts again.

Our family was very active in church and as I thought of the hundreds of children in the nursery each Sunday, I wondered how I could reinforce the seriousness of her allergy and be sure that she would NEVER be given a snack with a nut. How could the busy volunteers possibly remember her potentially fatal food allergy?

The idea of a special badge for her to wear sprang to mind. Our family doctor saw this and thought it was brilliant. He encouraged me to make this available to other families and Nursery Safe™ Stickers was born.

Since that time I have realized that stickers can serve as bright reminders for many needs. Church nurseries, day care centers, gyms, and even resorts exercise diligence in keeping their children safe and happy. By using Nursery Safe™ Stickers, they reinforce to parents the high quality of care their little ones receive in these diverse settings.

I trust these stickers will be a tremendous help for you and your staff, and will give increased peace of mind to each parent and caregiver.


Patty Metcalf
Owner / Designer
Patty Metcalf Design • Nursery Safe Stickers