Nursery Safe™ Stickers offer a wide variety of stickers to help make your job easier and ensure that the children in your care are safe and happy.

Browse the new Graphic Symbol™ stickers (our newest, fun design) and surprise your staff and parents with these clever reminders that you go the extra mile in giving their children the care they deserve.

  • Allergy Alert stickers are vital for those children with any kind of food allergy.
  • Potty Training stickers are especially helpful so that potty training can be continued when away from home.
  • Special Needs stickers can be used for a variety of purposes: vision or hearing impairment, ADD, behavioral issues, and needs unique to your special education classes.
  • Special Visitor stickers are great for the little folks new to your nursery or child care, reminding your staff to give them extra attention and help them understand their new surroundings. Visiting families will be especially appreciative of these stickers.
  • Changed with Care & Checked with Care stickers enable your staff to keep diapers dry and babies happy.
  • Mine! stickers will identify cups, bottles, toys, diaper bags – essential in a busy nursery or day care room.